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Rats and mice are one of the greatest troublemakers of the house. They not only infect our food, but also destroy the vessels and packaging materials used for storing the foods by their urine and fur. They even gnaw on electric wires to make their teeth sharp and even gnaw on the wooden structures such as doors, wall material, soft metals such as lead, copper, and even plastics.
Generally rats eat most of their food at one time, where mice will bite a little at a time. Rats tend to be vigilant and alert whereas mice are more curious and enquiring. Both rats and mice can squeeze through very small openings- 1/4 inch for mice and 1/2 inch for rats. Rodents can be found not only in our homes, but even in marketplaces, eating places, warehouses, food processing facilities, livestock facilities, etc. And professional Mice Control service will come to your rescue to get rid of these annoying pests.

Rats also spread a number of infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Tape worms, Salmonella, Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease), etc. So let us go through at some of the preventive measures which will help us to kill the rats or keep them at bay. But it is always preferable to take the help of professional Rat Control services to eradicate these creatures permanently.

Here are some preventive measures along with ways to get rid of these pests:
First and the foremost you have to take care of the sealing gaps around the pipes so that they are not able to enter through these gaps. Rats can easily enter through a gap of 15mm. Always keep your gardens and back yard clean and tidy, and cut the overgrown trees and grasses. Clear any existing old pile of unused woods or debris. To prevent the rats from accessing the household wastes, always cover the dust bins and heaps of compost, check this trusted bed bug pesticide.

Trapping is the best and the safest method for controlling the rats and mice in and around the house. There are several types of trapping devices available in the market. Moreover trapping is cheaper as compared to poison baits but it needs more labour at the same time. Traps should be laid in those places where the rats and mice are more prone to seek shelter and travel. Places where the droppings, gnawings, and damages are seen, those are the ideal places to set traps for them. There are several types of traps- electrocution traps, glue boards, live traps, toxic baits, etc.

ELECTOCUTON TRAPPINGS: This kind of traps kills the rats with electrocution. They are generally more expensive than other kind of traps but at the same time they are more efficient than the others.

GLUE BOARDS and LIVE TRAPS: These are not much preferred as because they do not kill the rats entirely, but either you need to kill it by striking the rats with a blow or you have to discharge the rats elsewhere.

TOXIC BAITS: When the population of the rats is severe, then trappings are not considered so much efficient. So to control it, toxic baits are recommended.